About Pizza House - great ingredients, great pizza!

Precisely in January 2005, four young Nigerian citizens took interest in the pizza industry. We conducted elaborate research among the best four International pizza Companies in the world with the aim of delivering more superior quality to a world of ever increasing and improving pizza demand.

By the year 2008 we became stakeholders in Pizza companies either as staff, research fellow, ingredient suppliers or kitchen supervisors. It was clear as we met regularly to exchange ideas that it is a matter of time we will soon float a pizza outlet that will make the difference. Right from the time the four of us agreed to go into this study and up till this moment we have always been convinced that we can make an endless positive impact in the pizza business by bringing together our various experience in the industry, making the best use of quality ingredients and putting our integrity first to ensure we redirect and lead the industry into positive change.

By July 2012 the four of us resigned from our various positions of interest to put together the experience gained in and outside Nigeria. We agreed to assemble all we have learnt all these years to bring out a formidable pizza operation.

So our focus as we opened our pioneer shop in Ogudu is to use the best ingredients to make our pizza to deliver same within a record time hot and fresh, to meet the demand of the lovers of our brand as they increase everyday.Finally to be the best Pizza Company within our first three years.

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